Liminial Zones

“Everything that is sacred and that wishes to remain so must envelop itself in mystery” – Stephane Mallarme

I went to an exhibition of the work of Mel Bochner in Britanny in 2007.


At the Carnac museum of archaeology, the exhibits of arrow heads and tools all had Wishing-Chair-Environments-1reference numbers. It made me wonder 

about the tipping point at which human survival behaviour moved towards environmental management and a need to measure in order to control.  We were still doing it. Reference numbers. Systems to measure time and position.  At 

That point the Carnac museum was a piece of art work by Mel Buchner

We give them human characteristics of Adaptability and ruthless drive but they are both essential features of all “successful” organisms in a changing environment. Hawks and Doves.   

Wishing-Chair-Environments-7We were rats in the reeds, sea gulls or pigeons.So Long PandaPatterns, Wishing-Chair-Environments-3measurement and control. Symbolism was part of this too. What we cannot control, we can create spiritual systems that ask permission to join forces with the power that does seem to have control. Make sense out of chaos and fear. Agents for Physical, predictable events that are beyond human control. The Turn of the wheel, spiritual rationalisation of events.  Significant numbers.  what was the locus ?  The transition from wood to stone ? Liminal boundaries ? Water to clouds. Life to death. Survival of the fittest to meme alterismBut there is always a top-dog.


Sometimes, I dream of water, a recurring theme in my dreams that eventually became all I could see when I shut my eyes each night. Dark, fast flowing water,a river in flood, changing the land scape. I dreamt that my daughter had  fallen insam slide light to the water and was being carried away from me.  I tried to reach her but the water was dark and turbid. I clawed at the margins, through the roots and mud unable to reach her. I see shadows in the water. The hearth cold, the fuel was spent.

I became aware of the ideas of landscape memory water and static electrical fields that could be imprinted with emotional events suggested by T S Lethbridge. Static electrical fields hold emotional events, imprints replayed when decoded by vestigial neurological sensory systems within the human brain . Locations can give feelings. I see shadows in the water. Shadows in the water.



Boundaries between states. Reflections in water, where clouds meet rock, Water to the sea, associations. Topping out on a big route, we reached the sky, glad to be alive. Tigers don’t cry. Play the light.















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